Urzulei 2019

Four days full of shows, film screening, movies, exploring, hiking.

International Speleology Meeting Urzulei 2019


All traces, even the smallest ones, leave a sign on this world.
Ethics, respect of places space and time……..reflections in the dark….

The Icnussa a.p.s. Association, the municipality of Urzulei and Urzulei Speleological Archeological Environmental Group,
ten years after the resounding success achieved in 2009, organize the International Speleology Meeting 2019.
This edition will take place in April the 25th , 26th , 27th and 28th ; the choice of these dates is dictated by the will to give the possibility to a lot of speleologists to come to Sardinia during a period of time when they can enjoy a mild weather and longer days.
They will be four days under the sign of divulgation and knowledge of the karstic and environmental patrimony of Sardinian, Italian and international territory, with the introductions of the new speleologic discoveries through exhibits, posters, videos and direct communications made by the subsoil explorers.
Prestigious guests belonging to the international speleologic panorama will be invited and will illustrate us their explorative experiences.
Thematic excursions inside the caves regarding the geological, mineralogical and biological aspects and visits dedicated to the apprehension of basic techniques of photography inside the caves will be organized.
There will be laboratories and playful entertainment with environmental theme for children in order to allow the “speleoparents” to freely participate to the several events on the agenda.
Other cultural initiatives in the territory intended to the no speleo will be organized.
That will be the best occasion to increase knowledge on the subject and to be acquainted with Urzulei’s and surroundings’ territory, rich in
caves, discovered in more than 50 years of research carried on by enthusiast and valuable speleologists from Sardinia, from then Peninsula and from abroad.